Friday, May 11, 2007

Death of an Irish Bear Salesman

Building 0 ruined drinking for me. It's going to be a while before we share another drink, I think.

So I stepped into MacGregor's last night to celebrate the founding of a new Labatt Blue plant and the creation of more jobs that I know we need in Buffalo. Mind you this is already not my favorite bar, with two strikes aggin it: no Miller High Life, no Crown Royal. Then I find out there's also no Labatt Blue on tap.

Last three times at least that I've been to this place, the conversation has centered around economies of scale, tell me we should all share a pitcher because 3.5 full mugs of beer are cheaper than 3 if you go that way. But I'm celebrating, so I say fine, no big deal, I order a bottle and continue with my night.

Next thing I know my brother in Islam, Osama (yes just like the bad guy), he walks into the bar and orders a ginger ale. My table of friends is momentarily confounded, and the topic of conversation shifts to the disgusting taste of alcohol and just how much we can't stand it, even in someone else's mouth. He pounds no less than 3 glasses of ginger ale to his face before closing time. I wonder why he didn't get a pitcher?

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