Monday, May 28, 2007

Intolerable Dilemma

So I've got myself an intolerable dilemma, now that I am a principled man with a code of ethics and a reasoning process for my decisions. I've gone ahead and ordered a pair of shoes over Skype, which seems slightly unreasonable at first. For a pair of shoes it may be unreasonable. I'm a guy who likes to try on his shoes before he buys them. It's got to be a rough market, selling shoes on the Internet. But really, I'm not sure I understand why it must be so?

This way I save on gasoline, the shoes will be delivered via Post and I will have them in no time flat. I was able to pick from a short list and ask for the size I wanted, granted I have a wide foot and it will be tough luck if the shoe does not fit properly. But for any other item besides shoes, I think internet commerce is probably the way of the future!

Anyway I made a new friend this way, even though the banks are closed I can say proudly, "my shoe store was still doing business on Memorial Day." You know I'm not particularly proud of that fact. In fact it's almost downright offensive, except I can't really expect a reasonable 中国生意人 to study our most bizarre holiday calendar.

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