Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Your Ass Better Call Somebody

I once found myself in an interview for a job with someone close to me. He asked a question and I found myself with absolutely no good answers, which is not a position I find myself in very often. Or even once that I can remember, for such a simple question. It's got an even simpler answer, but you know it sure took a lot of calculating to find it.

The question, paraphrased as I did not have a recording device:
"You're going to throw a party, and there's one person in particular that you want to be sure they are present. How do you ensure that they attend?"

Now if I was a statistician or a marketing executive, or perhaps a business analyst by trade, I wouldn't have to spend months of time analyzing my life, and I would have answered with something smart and snappy like this:

"Well, you advertise the party in all of the social circles that this person frequents, and you should also be sure to indicate quite clearly that this party is unique, and make efforts to raise it above the other parties this person might choose to attend. They have to know that their presence is essential because otherwise they might even choose to stay in for the night! And then where will you both be, somewhere other than The Most Happenin Party, and in particular you will definitely not be Hangin Out Together."

And I believe that during the interview my response was along these lines, although not quite so eloquently phrased. To be sure I think I actually said, "uhh, I don't know... should we get two kegs?"

However if I was any other career path with the possible exception of Zen Buddhist Monk, the correct answer is quite simple:

"Send an invitation!"

Anybody out there who thinks they are smart, got any further questions?

"Send it in triplicate! Write RSVP on the envelope, in fact my recommendation is to spell it out Respondez Si Vous Plez. That way if someone in the room speaks French, they will know what it says, and of course they will oblige with a phone call or some other means of contact. And if nobody in the room speaks French, well then they will certainly all wonder what does RSVP stand for? Then of course your friend will probably call to find out, and you will surely have got em by then!"

Decidedly not a random thought. For your amusement!

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That wasn't funny at all.

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