Thursday, May 17, 2007


Maybe a better question than what am I doing...

what's left undone?

Going to spend the next week filing paperwork and figuring out what it is that I meant to build over the last year and a half, that hasn't been built or obsoleted already. The most obvious, authentication and access control, has been neatly sidetracked thanks to creative use of VMWare Server. Unfortunately that means we're not really unified at all, just well-fragmented.

Central file storage is also a mess. We've got a mess of samba servers and hard drives lying around. I suppose first on the agenda would be some project to aggregate them and salvage any leftover data that might be of interest to future generations. If I can clear enough room to dump the central Wednesday share, then I can clear up the horrible mess I left with Gentoo.

Meant to build a second firewall for extra clarity, as I've also sidestepped the intelligent security systems yet again. I figure any service that is transmitted through two firewalls must really have been intended to be public. I think I'll put Sheng behind the second firewall, and hook up Akhira with Windows like it's never seen before.

For anyone who is not fluent in both Arabic and Chinese, the names are symbolic: sheng is mandarin for life, and akhira is "other" in arabic. Slightly more meaningful to me than www vs. dev, anyway. But one of these machines will have to be an Access Grid node so I can join in on the fun and help keep Gurcharan and his crew honest; I'd really like to see that kind of video conferencing technology take flight.

The plan at this point is for a Tuesday Studios diaspora within 5 years, with me and my cohorts spread across the globe. Destinations are to be no less exotic than Cairo, Kaunas, and Kingston. If we have to scale back from that, I will be incredibly disappointed; I would have taken Japanese and joined the fun in Tokyo if I knew I was destined to be trapped in this blasted state of New York for the rest of my life!

That's all for now, and it's zzz-time for me. I hope to catch myself in the next few days working in these places:

1) Fixing the server room at Tuesday Studios, trying to track down someone who can at least insinuate with authority that I will keep my office for longer than a week. After the servers are better, it'll be time to work on the books and start coding expenses.

2) Meeting up with Gurcharan and the CASCI crew at the regular Thursday 4:00PM meeting. I'm still on the mailing list, I might as well stop in and say hi. Maybe there's a job for me here?

3) At my house, or on the road, studying for my Arabic final. If I get especially diverted but still remain at my house, I might spend some time to figure out how to get native Windows sound support piped into my Airport Express. That thing is really cool. There must be a way to do it!

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