Saturday, May 26, 2007


"this is for you snowflake. It's my special blend. I call this here Clarke Kent. You smoke this shit and you just wanna rip your clothes off in a phone booth and fight crime"

Do you think he's talking about that chronic shit?

I want a printed copy of my facebook profile. It should fit on one page. If I need legal paper, I can handle that. I want to hand these out like a c.v. or a business card. It should look nice on paper just how it is right now. Extra-weight is probably unnecessary, but might be nice.

First bidder who delivers a quote to me by hand wins the contract! (Probably. The quote should look good too. That's why it's called a proof.)

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Kingdon said...

I've got four PDF prints I made myself, and each has something or other wrong with it.

Firefox was rendering the page to print improperly, with the advertisement pushing the rest of the content down nearly a full page. Otherwise looked pretty good.

Internet Explorer rendered properly with the exception of my name and status runs behind my photograph, and is not completely legible. Maybe someone will fix this CSS!

But I got three distinctive copies out of today's festivities, each with a theme and a title of its own! I like the layout of my profile, and it would be excellent to duplicate this for a printed newsletter or CV.