Friday, June 8, 2007

International Diplomacy

Since moving from using AOL Instant Messenger to a combination of MSN and Skype, I have greatly broadened my horizons; I don't know what I've done exactly but I am receiving lots of contact from China, South America, and Italy. Needless to say I am delighted! For most of these people, English is not their primary language, and so it's very common to find myself in the middle of conversation in a completely unfamiliar language.

Anyway this is great fun, but it doesn't pay the bills yet. I would like to write a web application that integrates Google Translator and instant messaging platforms, so I can chat easily in other languages. Ideally this would display the text of each message side by side in each language, so that I can make some effort myself to translate and learn, while still communicating naturally in an unfamiliar language.

That sounds like an awesome product, and I think it would be easy to build. But first I need a Jabber server to integrate with my MSN account... I don't think there are easy API hooks in the standard Microsoft client. I'll have to set that up myself, I think there are probably Jabber libraries for Python, and the slickest client will probably be TurboGears with persistent server sessions. Maybe I can finally ditch this awful collection of instant messaging clients that I keep accumulating!

But FIRST I have to get basic services up and running for my English language clients. They exist, as much as I tend to ignore them sometimes. Sorry, don't take it personally, I don't mean to ignore you really! I'm trying to make us more extroverted as a nation, in fact this is my way of fighting terrorism... you have to win the hearts and minds of the people! This way I save on gasoline, no expensive airplanes or automobiles are involved in communcation on the Internet :-)


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Can I still do this with c# or cocoa#? Is it any easier to get started? What network libraries will help with this? Why am I still wearing a towel?