Wednesday, June 27, 2007

No TV, Yes Remote Access

I finally got my hands on all of the connectors needed to hook up my SGI monitor to a modern VGA output, and it still doesn't work. I'm unbearably disappointed about this. I'll have to try again when I have more time to devote to television. But on a more positive note, I was able to connect to Grandma's computer remotely using OpenVPN and make my second support call since Friday by means of VNC. I will save so much on gasoline!

Also a stock update; Red Hat and WD stock both did very well today, but unfortunately both combined did not gain as much as Sony lost! I'm selling both to free up some capital and cut down on my debt margins, hopefully Sony stock goes up again tomorrow while I'm out mowing the lawn. Wal-mart and Adobe are both losers on the week but winners on the day, still only counting for a fraction of Sony's total losses.

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