Thursday, June 21, 2007

Stocks Update

It has not been a good week for my portfolio! The 5 stocks I bought for Beat The Street have lost almost $1000 (-0.85%). Red Hat stock is leading the pack, with a gain of $550 (2.36%) -- not bad at all for 4 days! IBM stock has also increased in value by half a percent. Losses of Sony and Wal-Mart have more than compensated for these gains.

Of course in the game I have a finite amount of money to play with... the stocks I didn't buy, but chose to track anyway have all lost money, with losses from Yahoo, Cisco, and Staples being the least costly. Apple stock is not doing badly either, down only 1/3 of a percentage point. I think this might be more fun and rewarding than fantasy football. I'm still not watching CNBC or Finance news programs.

I think Adobe is on the upturn, so I'm going to go a little deeper into the margins while I play with AIR (formerly Apollo) and Flex trial versions. I've always been a fan of Adobe software, it tends to work reliably across the usual popular platforms, and they certainly know how to play the game. I'm quite confident that this company is not going South any time soon.

Still, The Motley Fool makes for pretty interesting reading. I advise you to take their stock picks over mine; there's a box on the front page that shows market beating performance across the board. My Techno-Business picks are not doing as well, 4 days in. Today looks like a good day to get my car inspected and read a book.

But here I am 20 minutes later still playing the stock market like a video game. Between the awful downward trending Sony stock chart, news about Ken Kutaragi and BD+ DRM news, I have a feeling that Sony can't go any lower. *Buys another 500 shares*

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