Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tuesday Evening Update

What an awful day for my stock portfolio! Boy am I glad this is not real money. TNE (Tele Norte Leste) still carries the losers WMT, RHT, and ADBE, while IBM is just barely in a profitable position since I've bought it. EMC also not doing so poorly. What have we learned? Listen to The Motley Fool before you listen to Kingdon's natural instincts for a good stock pick.

OK, now that we have that ugly business out of the way: Wednesday Eve Landscape and Taxi is also making some progress. This evening I will transplant the remaining Zucchini plants to the flower boxes in the back yard, and hopefully they live. We need some weed killers to spray into the crevices, and it's also time to get out the edger and clean up the lawn. The roof also needs work, and I'll probably have to farm out to a local company with insurance for that.

I'm writing up some job descriptions to help form a model of my activities, and to help quantify sources of work and my expenditures of labor time within a day. As much as I would like to immediately in-source a project and charge a fee to carry it through to completion, it is not easy to do this completely independently, and even harder to keep things straight without writing job descriptions. Hopefully my work scales well and I will find myself managing a team as I run short on my own time.

I'm also working with the people from ArabicPod trying to diagnose their podcast feed issues—for some reason there are serious problems with iTunes and even worse with Safari. Internet Explorer 7 and Google Reader work just as expected, but neither of these viewers are intended for audio podcasts. I would love to have a look at the source and spend a couple of minutes fixing it up, as Feed Validator indicates there are some problems in the proper formatting of the RSS, apparently generated with a buggy PHP script.

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