Thursday, September 13, 2007

Life and Times

I've been slacking on my Word of the Day service, sorry. Life is fun, times are hard.

These are are two good ones to bring you up to speed:

Accordance - In accordance with the principal that the strength and viability of a software product must be proven before it is sold, and that the proof should be available to anyone regardless of execution platform or a background in any other kind of ware, applications produced as a part of the KPBCode project will be written using the C# language.

Conciliation - In a gesture of conciliation for the Mac developers who have endeavored to bring me the finest software at the lowest cost, and who have succeeded admirably by my esteemed judgement, the Interface Builder and Cocoa-Sharp libraries will be used for some user interface elements.

I am not a lawyer, but with words like these I could write a bullet-proof contract.

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