Thursday, October 4, 2007

Fall Reading List

I've got some reading to catch up on, so here comes a brief book-report style summary of my latest internet reading and software picks with a focus on manipulation of code and data, to provide support for a broadly capable spectrum of data publishing, access, sharing and retrieval across a variety of platforms.

I feel like mowing the lawn.

OK Apple friends, the first release of macsaq arrives tomorrow. There will be macsaq CD's weighing in at close to 700MB after bzip2 compression. I expect them to cost about $2000 apiece, signed sealed and delivered. I heard that MD5 has been broken, how come there's no SHA1 on my Leopard Client system?

Novell has released some pretty neat software that I want to try. My delicious feed is busting out at the seams with unfunded projects. Leopard has some neat protection against code invasion... try this, yar yon pirates!

I want to work on porting iFolder Server to Mac, but Novell hacked my Windows Server 2003/VMWare box, and as a computer is a prerequisite to using iFolder (preferably two computers, at least one non-mac) it's going to cost more than that to get started with development of iFolder.

Any chance you want to surprise me with a copy of OSX Leopard Server to review instead?

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