Monday, October 1, 2007

Nice Dreams

I had a dream about skiing last night.  I think I was skiing, I really don't remember that, really all I remember about the environment was that there was snow on the ground and we were all dressed for the winter.

The little girl wearing pink couldn't have been more than three or four years old.  She was carrying my father's wood-splitting axe, which is incredible—that axe is very heavy, and very sharp! Her mother didn't seem surprised or worried, even after the daughter had taken a swing at me!

I wasn't worried either, in fact the only reason she hit me was because I extended my hands in front of me to catch the swinging blade.  It was a violent and barbarous overhead downward swing, and my hands cupped like I was holding a water.

She hit me with quite a force, left a clear slice above the lifeline in my white leather glove.  Cows and bulls are cute, their hides make very strong organ protectors.

On another note, I heard Krypto is planning to buy a player piano and make it into taps.  Not just one beer tap, FIVE taps.  Talk about the life of the party!

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