Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Another Critical Update = No Christmas

About these computers: I have to say I got fed the biggest line of manure about how and what these things are supposed to do for me!

Another critical update from Microsoft and now all I know is my software repository is down, until the administrator comes back to his desk and flips a switch in the right order. And when I sit in front of this machine processing my task list, with each day that passes I tend to wonder to myself: where are my six-packs of rock-hard abs and washboard stomachs?

That's it! Tomorrow is canceled, unschedule my appointments and disable my spell checkers! Take everything important, wrap it up and put it all up in the Internets, because someone has got to take control of it all before everything becomes completely out of hand.

All I can say is that machines in my day ran with half as much memory at twice the speed, and they didn't complain about it either! Of course I don't think they had this sweet radio to listen to while they did, anyway remember while you do, these radios are sweet, and you have to guard them and protect them from invaders...

if those people get their hands on these radios, you don't want to know what they're gonna do! i am serious, and with all that you may now receive your quote for the day: the going rate for a sandwich and chips is three and a half dollars.


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Jack said...

trackback the ruby process monitor for (presumably) local processes on the local server instance. for remote monitoring, this may not be your thing.