Monday, December 17, 2007

The Gap

Currently spinning my wheels looking for the way to bridge the gap from software testing to increases in revenue. I'm not trying to say that there is no utility for software testers, or that software testers have no direct effect on revenue...

Actually this is exactly what I am saying. What is a software tester? If the software provided some benefit to the users that increased their bottom line, we would simply be called software users. If we were working on the API's and increasing the feature-completeness of our software, it would be called development. A software tester is something in the middle.

A person who doesn't know their software well enough to profit from use, or isn't smart enough to improve it directly... how discouraging that sounds! Rest assured, these jobs will still be here; software has faults just as people, and there must be someone underneath the productive developers to take the chopping block if the quality of released software is especially low! :-D

Anyway, we have got an especially low volume of distinct assignments from The Management since arrival and I'm taking this as a sign to mean that we testers had better know what to do with a code base. Word from full-time employees is that it can take as long as 3 months to get up to speed and really become a functioning member of a development team.

I can't stand the idea of spending 3 months as a useless living widget in a building full of widget makers, so I guess I'll have to work smarter and harder! The Blackjack project just got a new requirement for cross-platform execution, so I can continue development on my own time. That way I'll have something left to do when I run out of rooms to clean in my house.

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Jack said...

trackback you need an http server that you can control, Apache is nice, but Apache is overkill for what you need inside of an application... might be better to write Mongrel for Haskell than to write mod_haskell for Apache. Maybe.