Sunday, December 30, 2007

Private E-mails

I'm actually still in decompression, the company is Thomson Legal and Regulatory (West) and I get the impression it's your standard Big IP Corporation.

I'm pretty sure there are actually a lot of lawyers in the company and I could probably get the advice I want, but if I start asking questions like those and demanding answers, they're going to think I'm looking for trouble.

Here's what I think: I'm going to keep a copy of EVERYTHING that I produce, and in case somebody asks, I'm going to claim it's my legal duty thanks to Sarbanes Oxley. They've shown me absolutely no evidence that anything I do is being backed up regularly.

I think that makes it my responsibility to keep an off-site backup. Of course it's not reasonable or necessary to assert ownership until "it" is worth money, and I'd better be fully disclosive and forthcoming about any associations I make outside of the company.

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