Thursday, December 20, 2007

Security < Performance

Desktop applications in the same running session often have necessity to pass messages back and forth, to provide for a smooth and cohesive end-user experience, as well as to gather enough information to effectively manage process life-cycles. This necessity frequently runs at odds with the goal of information security.

Code and data carried on a USB key is guaranteed not to be accessed by anybody else, so long as the key is in your possession and any computers you use to access the key are not attached to a network. Firewalls establish network boundaries and proxy servers serve as access points by which such measures can be bypassed.

Passwords and encryption are sometimes helpful for this reason as well. Other times, we developers just build APIs so complex that the required cost of investing oneself to understand the goal of a project is actually higher than the value which can be extracted from within the boundaries of the development process.

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