Monday, December 31, 2007

Word of the Day

Intractable - Some questions cannot be answered simply without making a leap of faith, for example: what will this object be worth 10 years from now? These problems can be said to be intractable.

How much value is in a 10GB tract of disk space on a RAID with an interface to Subversion that is access-controlled? Does the value change depending on the particular data contained within? Are there conditions under which a lower "acreage" would actually have a higher value?

How much cost variation is introduced into the equation as disks fail and are replaced? Is it possible that a malicious user could introduce so much excess throughput into the system that this cost is increased? If a fault in security is experienced, what are the potential risks to data? (espionage, corruption)

What strategies can be used to minimize these risks without impacting well-intentioned users? Can these strategies be implemented without the necessity of employing any full-time personnel? What if the size of the user-base is especially small? Can a fair price for such a service be defined on a small scale, if there is no set billing cycle, and if billing does not recur?

This is also what I do.

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