Monday, January 28, 2008

The Professional Issue Tracker

I wanted to provide a review for the Jira product, since the Atlassian company has done so much for me! However I can't be arsed to download and install the product even if it is better than our current issue tracker, see the problem is that we have an awful lot of time and data invested into the existing system, and a migration is very expensive indeed.

People can't be motivated to maintain two systems, and some people just don't believe things are going to get any better will never be convinced to change their ways. I think those people are called BSD users!

On a small scale we can begin to use a new product, and I've already converted a few of my friends to a workflow using Yahoo! Delicious product, though I think we haven't shaken any money out of the computer from just doing that. Patterns and scales of use will shrink and grow as long as they are not totally stagnating the system stays alive; this is the way!

I have seen some forums and now using some tools with a more free and fluent workflow such as RememberTheMilk, gmail, Subversion, but these days most people are convinced that their problems will not really go away if they simply change over to a new system. I'm not one who likes to beat a dead horse, so I think they can stay on their old systems for now.

Still I don't believe that obsolete is a dirty word, and sometimes I like to get things done in fewest number of clicks, I will remain a software evangelist as long as I am using these machines.

Try these apps for a good time:

WordPress, Subversion, RememberTheMilk
and if you get tired of making items codes and words:
try Gimp 2.4

I hope that you are an artist and you send me a pretty picture!


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