Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Word of the Day

Today's word of the day, brought to you by a tight development schedule and a high-frequency release cycle, is the word complicit. An individual is complicit in a crime if they are aware of its occurrence, have the ability to report the crime, but fail to do so.

"While employed with those people, I was complicit in the greatest failure in the history of mankind!" I'm not just telling stories people, this one should be in the history books if it's not already. The name of the failure? I'm not sure if it has got a name.

Employment? The wager? Something like that.

Cheers to the American University System! On account of some non-disclosure agreements that I have signed along the way, I'm sure that I'm not at liberty to disclose the name of the responsible party. Worse, I'm not sure that it would mean anything if I did.

The crime? Well I don't think it was a crime exactly... and it's not even that I never gave a report, on top of that. In fact at the time I was actively flailing my arms and ever since I have had the impression this is no way to do business.


yebyen said...

For the record, I am permanently (and quite selectively) deleting all e-mails dated prior to 2008 that pertain to:

Sports betting, parties, food and drink, Microsoft Office, time tracking sheets, speaking engagements, support tickets, and any human resources mumbo-jumbo.

Also no intention of keeping around any periodical or newsletters that do not interest me, so long as their distribution seems to be larger than 3 people.

This leaves me with an enormous heap of National Geographic magazines and some adorably precious chats that have been shared between me and my wife.

yebyen said...

Also, any notes sent to me that explain in no uncertain terms, "You are not the intended recipient of this note," will be summarily deleted.

Unless, of course, the note is actually interesting.

yebyen said...

Finally (and I'm leaving for the day, so I really mean finally) any references to Broadway musicals (or any theatrical performances for that matter) that I did not attend or buy tickets for, will also be deleted.