Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Career Fair Spring 2008 - RIT

Met some interesting companies at the career fair today! I spoke with Paul from Thomson West, he looked to be in good health and representatives from Microsoft, Paetec, NVidia, Melissa from Yahoo, a company that manufactures artificial spines called NuVasive, someone from the USPTO, someone from Delphi (the automotive company, not the programming language), and a local company called Siteworx that I think I might do business with, most immediately!

I've promised resumes to a lot of people and should be receiving a handful of replies back from the friendly people that I spoke with, props to both Yahoo! and USPTO for providing quality dog toys, a blinking red bouncy ball and a laser pointer/LED flashlight.

Better yet, speaking with the rep from Yahoo I was able to identify a problem with one of their existing software products, pitch a solution, and make contact with someone who will take an interest in both the solution that I can present, and also my resume! Thank the lord for open APIs, without them us developers would surely never get anything done.

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