Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The City I Hate

So it's nothing against this particular city... in fact I like the city, the people look driven, on a mission, enough are friendly, outgoing, it's not like the place is anything bad in and of itself.

Moed Kattan 17a: If a Jew is tempted to do evil he should go to a city where he is not known and do the evil there.

So it has kind of an effect on us. There's a room with a stove, but we've got to go out and spend money on food in restaurants. There's a laundry machine, but we're putting on extra layers of deodorant to cover the smell of a third day in the same shirt. I hope this is worth it.

The bag of potatos is more than half full, but it's cold off the bay, I don't know the route of this drafty breeze. Wrap your head in a towel, your hair won't freeze.

Our neighbor on the left has a huge house with a beautiful clay thatched roof, I guess he's some kind of Port-a-Potty Prince on Jamaica Bay. Humble yourself man! Shit's pretty big business.


yebyen said...

I was in New York City, haha, New Zealand, that's the funniest shit story that I ever heard. I have no idea who made up this story, but apparently I've been in New Zealand, so the tale goes that I've heard from every familiar person I know on this campus and have seen in the last couple of days.

Free iPod to whomever can prove ownership of the story to my satisfaction! I want to know who would say this ridiculous thing about me. It's a really good story actually, I think I'm going to run with it! Anybody know about the fascinating people in New Zealand, or all those places in New Zealand, can you fill me in?
The kiwi birds are really something else, let me tell you!

Jack said...

An Art Critique:

Hot 'N' Throbbing
by Paula Vogel

Which is more obscene, pornography or domestic violence?


Jack said...

I'm in Pittsford now, I just spotted an apartment off South and Wood I think... there was a phone number about inquiries, I think it will still be there after my Yoga class.

Would be interesting to contact those people and compare price, amentities with the place I found on South and Gold, near Downtown Roc City and the University of Rochester. I think we can farm in our urban back yard! This could be a serious source of value for us all.

So, the play: Layla is about 15 and asking her mother where is the eyeliner and the mascara. Lisa is having some girls over... oh brother! Mother Charlene is too busy to stop her.
She is going out! What are PL's? No, she's going to stay home and read a book

Now both kids are chased out of the house, and Clyde arrives to make a big deal about this restraining order. Charlene is ready: she's got a gun. "I don't want to kill you. By accident. I'm just going to shoot you just enough to send you to the hospital."

.... 'I've got to work out my karma, Charlene.'

Oh brother.