Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Mall Store Promotion

You've got $80 in your pocket, and you don't need a telephone-phone? I want to offer you my promotion. Meet me in the stairwell in half an hour. Take your phone with you and I'll take your money, you can get another one for a hundred bucks if you pay the contract. Keep paying the contract, after they raised the price. It's my insurance policy. You've got deep pockets, right?

Do you wanna call me, if I'm only gonna take your money? No, you're expecting me to call you, and you think I'm gonna need a phone for that. So, give me your phone and I'll pay the bill. Tell them I already paid it, and they'll go away. Tell them to take your name off the list. Then, ask for more help, and see if you get.

They already got your social security, and you can't ever have it back. Go ahead and throw my phone in the river when you're done with it. It's prepaid.