Thursday, June 3, 2010

Second E-mail post (from alpine-1.10)

The Office Plan:

The WinXP machine on my desk is full of files. It has 3 partitions.
First I'll empty one of the partitions, and copy all of its data away to
some other location. Then, I'll prepare the system's drive to hold an
Elive partition -- I think it will not be necessary to install Elive, just
to root the machine and make WinXP irrelevant.

OK, so it's not going to be irrelevant. But, it's full. It's what the
clients are going to be using. And, it's not in any position to replace
one of their machines (if they needed a new one, I certainly couldn't sell
this one... just look at it)

So, that makes it a development machine! Go elivecd!

The last unstable ISO for Elive that I have right here is 1.9.39_unstable,
remember that the special feature in Unstable distribution is that no $15
activation fee is necessary. The software could activate itself.

(I hope the web service distributing these codes is still around... maybe
I underestimated, and I will be out of luck when it comes to installing!)

I just deleted a superfluous backup of C: from J: (same disk) and, what's
left in Jupiter, is pretty cool. The Cranberries! Full discography, I
think. Some "Fundamentals of Physics" torrent I downloaded before passing
University Physics III, I think it includes the full text at 1334 pages,
plus instructor's solution manual. Not sure I have the same editions,
looks like my solution manual is 7e and my textbook is 8e. Oh well..

XenServer 5.0.0 plus XenCenter Manager for Windows, I think there have
been releases 5.5.0 and 5.6.0 already; plus, a copy of CentOS 5.2, which
has been advanced to 5.5 since the last time I was in that cloud...

An old kubuntu, VisualSVN server, and WinPcap plus the manager for my 24+2
port ethernet switch is also here, plus a reminder: make more diagrams...

3GB accounts for the remaining downloads, and the remnants of an Apache
server are here extant as well... possibly one that was configured to run
VisualSVN. From the software I have installed here, it appears that a
person is making PDF documents, and tracking them, and possibly selling
them over Skype. Does anyone really do that?

Monday, May 24, 2010

E-mail Posty Goodness

I'm compiling wget on the macos :D sweetness

I'm also going through my old billing system and clearing out all of those bogus invoices that never had a destination, or never got mailed or paid because they were too ridiculous...

It's going to be a herculean effort to clean out my e-mail inbox. Fortunately, I have more of them. Mailing the backup of my old data to and blogging about it as I delete posts out of the "invoice queue" which is really my dream GTD system.

Unison — I always wanted to use a Unison+FAM client. The tricky part would be to know when the files are done changing. There is always a danger that some file which registers a change in FAM has still more changes to come, and it's not appropriate to replicate it to everyone else. This project is on hold until I outgrow my new Time Machine backup system.

OpenAFS — This is not on hold. I would like to have an OpenAFS implementation back up and running within two weeks. This is a cross-platform folder sharing technique that uses the highest in security technology, Kerberos, to authenticate users. If you can maintain OpenAFS, you are a super-duper server administrator, and your users will love you.

Windows XP — I'm not using Windows anymore. I removed all of my Windows installations, save the old laptop that sits in my office, that I never ever use. I'll send pictures soon, and you'll understand why (it's in shambles... the case cracked, so I stripped it off.) However, I still need to maintain a list of "good" windows software. (Ed: Today, 6/1/10, someone told me they need help setting up the office's free Color Laser printer on their Windows machine. I have done this before, should be able to do it again no problem.) Enough people are using Windows that I'm foolish not to keep a Win7 VM lying around somewhere. That reminds me, <a href virtualization... but yeah, some people pay $50-100 for someone to look at their computer for two hours and "make it go faster." I'll do that.

Cashboard — I still love Cashboard. I haven't got any Substruct clients yet, but that still seems like a good idea. All of this data
is coming from a review of my old Cashboard notes, which they graciously did not throw away when I stopped paying the bill... that bill goes away when I learn how to interpret their XML format and generate my own PDFs. Is it worth it? I'd rather have SubImage LLC on my good side.

DNS and Web Hosting — I'm starting to think that Cherokee is the tool to get people away from Apache. I don't know how many people
really know what Apache is, but the configuration files are powerful. If you didn't need them, you'd have Cherokee. Look up Cherokee Project for web servery goodness.

More to come... time to head out.