Thursday, June 3, 2010

Second E-mail post (from alpine-1.10)

The Office Plan:

The WinXP machine on my desk is full of files. It has 3 partitions.
First I'll empty one of the partitions, and copy all of its data away to
some other location. Then, I'll prepare the system's drive to hold an
Elive partition -- I think it will not be necessary to install Elive, just
to root the machine and make WinXP irrelevant.

OK, so it's not going to be irrelevant. But, it's full. It's what the
clients are going to be using. And, it's not in any position to replace
one of their machines (if they needed a new one, I certainly couldn't sell
this one... just look at it)

So, that makes it a development machine! Go elivecd!

The last unstable ISO for Elive that I have right here is 1.9.39_unstable,
remember that the special feature in Unstable distribution is that no $15
activation fee is necessary. The software could activate itself.

(I hope the web service distributing these codes is still around... maybe
I underestimated, and I will be out of luck when it comes to installing!)

I just deleted a superfluous backup of C: from J: (same disk) and, what's
left in Jupiter, is pretty cool. The Cranberries! Full discography, I
think. Some "Fundamentals of Physics" torrent I downloaded before passing
University Physics III, I think it includes the full text at 1334 pages,
plus instructor's solution manual. Not sure I have the same editions,
looks like my solution manual is 7e and my textbook is 8e. Oh well..

XenServer 5.0.0 plus XenCenter Manager for Windows, I think there have
been releases 5.5.0 and 5.6.0 already; plus, a copy of CentOS 5.2, which
has been advanced to 5.5 since the last time I was in that cloud...

An old kubuntu, VisualSVN server, and WinPcap plus the manager for my 24+2
port ethernet switch is also here, plus a reminder: make more diagrams...

3GB accounts for the remaining downloads, and the remnants of an Apache
server are here extant as well... possibly one that was configured to run
VisualSVN. From the software I have installed here, it appears that a
person is making PDF documents, and tracking them, and possibly selling
them over Skype. Does anyone really do that?